Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Mental Health: Stress, Anxiety & University


So it's been a while since I last posted. I wasn't really in the right frame of mind to write and I was putting too much pressure on myself for not being able to write anything worth posting.

So, I thought it might be a good time to talk about mental health at university, now that the new semester is in full swing and everyone is starting to think about assignments. University for me has, so far, been one of the best times of my life. It has also been one of the most stressful, I was lucky not to get homesick last year because I was enjoying it too much. 

Since I was young I have dealt with anxiety, although it wasn't until I came to university that I was able to identify it as anxiety. I had always just pegged it down to worrying about the little things too much and I taught myself to get on with it, but I completely understand that it's not something that everyone can just get on with.

I'm no expert on this subject, I just felt that it's still something that isn't talked about enough, I know for a while I found it hard to talk to anyone about it. I just wanted to write this post so anyone who has felt like this then they can know that there are people you can talk about it with. 

Mental health is one of the main issues students face when in university. In a student survey the National Union of Students carried out, eight out of ten students said that they experienced some form of mental health issues at university, 54% said they didn't seek any advice or support and a third said that they wouldn't know where to seek advice. 

It's a hard time for students, especially if you've moved quite far away from home. Since birth your family is a support system, and then your friends from home normally just add to that support system. So moving away for university is scary for everyone because you don't have that support system anymore. This causes a lot of students to become homesick and for many they move back home, either they drop out of university, transfer to one closer to home, or end up commuting to uni. 

For me personally, when my anxiety starts up it can cause a lot more issues. It can go two ways for me, either I'll need to be around people (normally my roommates) to distract me from feeling the way I am, or it will effect my mood completely and I'll start to get agitated and take it out on my friends. This makes me feel worse and I'll end up just having to be alone for a while, either in my room listening to music, or I'll have to go outside for a walk and I'll just put my headphones in and not think about much for a while. Music is one my my main helps when I feel really down, it allows me to not think about anything for a while and just focus on what I'm listening to.

Click the photo to have a look at my Spotify playlist

When seeking help in the past, I've been told to just not put myself in a situation where it will make me feel anxious. As you can imagine, this was no help at all! And honestly, made me feel extremely stupid and like the things I was feeling were really trivial and I was almost making them up.

This made it hard for me to talk about how I was feeling but once I started talking about it, I found that there was so many places to go for help! I started talking about it with my family and closest friends, and then I asked my university GP for help and they directed me to my university's health and wellbeing service. I knew this service was available before but I wasn't sure what they could do to help me personally. I already knew what to do when I felt anxious and it was something I've learnt to deal with in the past. But my mum was starting to worry about me, like every mother does when their child isn't home, she was worrying because my anxiety had caused my bad moods to become more frequent. So at her request, I sought out help. 

The service at my university was brilliant, they had an initial meeting with me and decided the best route for me. I personally found that 1-1 meetings wasn't best for me, so I'm going to try other routes, but I'm certain lots of people would find it helpful and help them cope with how they're feeling. 

This post isn't all about me, I just thought that someone might find it reassuring to see that there are others who have trouble at uni. In the past, I felt like there was a stigma around mental health issues but there really doesn't need to be! I understand that it's a hard subject for people who experience it to talk about, but as soon as everyone starts talking, the easier it is to help others! 

Below are my tips for when I'm feeling anxious, or even just a little bit stressed with uni work or my job, I hope it helps!

1) Be around friends - they'll make you laugh and can easily take your mind off it.

2) Watch a movie, something light like a comedy!

3) Phone home - I FaceTime home almost every day, it helps me to not feel homesick and actually seeing my family helps a lot more than just hearing their voices! If you have FaceTime or Skype then I really recommend it, it is so much more effective than just a normal phone call! 

4) Relax! Now I don't mean just ignore the feelings you're having! I mean just take yourself to your room, close the curtains, put on a calming Spotify playlist, lie on your bed and just relax. Don't let yourself think about much, just focus on the music. (I normally end up having a nap when I do this which also helps me because it can be exhausting when I've had anxious feelings for a long period!)

5) Go for a walk - put your headphones in, wrap up warm and just walk. Not necessarily to anywhere in particular. Just listen to some music and walk around your town for a bit. If there is a favourite place for you to go then go there! 

6) TALK! Talk about how you're feeling with someone. Whether it be with friends, family or with your uni's counselling service. There is always someone who you can talk to, who won't judge you no matter what you might think! It's scary to tell people how you're feeling and the thoughts that are going through your head but I promise you, it'll help you so much! 

Let me know if you're a student who has any other tips on dealing with stress or anxiety in uni.

If you'd like to speak privately then feel free to get in touch through email - details are on my contact page!

Below are some services available to help you cope with stress and anxiety:
- Anglia Ruskin's Health & Wellbeing service - or your own university's service, I'm certain that almost all universities will have one, all you have to do is ask or look at their website!
- Mind - they're a mental health charity who offer information and support for a wide range of mental health problems
- The Guardian has a number of articles on their website in the education section about mental health in university

I hope this has helped anyone! The reason I haven't wrote anything in a while was because I've been feeling really anxious recently so today I just wanted to get back into it by sharing this with you all.

Have a good week!
Lydia xx

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Trip to Brighton


The week before last I had quite a few days off from work. So, instead of just lounging around the house doing nothing and complaining I was bored all the time, one of my friends and I decided to take a little mini break somewhere. There were a number of places we wanted to go, Amsterdam and Dublin were just a few options. Although to save the hassle we decided on Brighton. I've never been before and I've always wanted to go!

We booked to go for 3 nights and to have a spa day on one of the days we were there. At first, I was a bit worried about how much it would all cost but, after some searching, we found an amazing deal for around £90 each for travel and accommodation (which I thought was a complete bargain!).

Accommodation: we stayed in The Gullivers Hotel which is just off the beach and about a 5-10 minute walk from the centre (depending on what area you wanted to go to). When we looked at this hotel we couldn't believe the price of it! It was so cheap for the amount of days we went for. 

It was such a nice place to stay and it was such good value for money. We didn't see much of the staff, they were based a few doors down at another B&B, but when we saw them they were really kind and helpful. 

If you're looking for a trip to Brighton any time soon then definitely look into staying here.  

What we did;

So I'm not going to lie, most of this trip was spent eating or sampling food/drink. But the amount of cute little cafes and restaurants that are tucked away in The Lanes and North Laine is just too much temptation to handle! 

When we arrived in Brighton we dropped our bags off at the hotel and then had a wander around for a while. We walked along the beach and went to the pier. It was freezing though so we wandered up to The Lanes and had a quick look around before we decided we wanted food.  

We went to this little Italian restaurant called VIP pizza and honestly it is the best Italian food I've had in a while! The food was fresh and authentic and the wine was lovely! It was set out like a little Italian deli and it was just a nice place to sit, have some food, drink wine and chat. 

The next morning we went for breakfast at The Breakfast Club. I'd heard about this restaurant before, they've got a few restuarants dotted around London. The food was amazing. It was a little pricey but for the service we received and the standard of food we got, it was worth every penny. I hope they open more of these soon, preferably near Cambridge so I can go back! 

After eating so much food that we could hardly walk, we spent the day doing a bit of shopping in The Lanes and visited the Bluebird Tea Company. I'd been dying to visit here and the girls in the shop kindly let me smell almost every type of tea before I made my choice and bought 4 bags of different samples! 

That night we went to JB's American Diner, I'd heard about this place before on other blogs and a few YouTube videos and I was not disappointed. This place is definitely not somewhere to visit if you're on a diet! We ate too much fried food and I don't regret it one bit!! I love American diners but when I've visited some in the past they've been such a let down. This one certainly wasn't! With floor to ceiling posters and props, Tom and Jerry episodes playing on TVs around and classic American songs from the 80s playing in the background, it was amazing! 

After we went for dinner, we wandered back to our hotel and stopped off at a small bar, listened to live music and had a couple of drinks. 

The next day we had a spa day booked. But it wasn't booked until 2pm, so we decided to gi see the pavilion and we wanted to visit Beyond Retro, a vintage shop tucked away down a little street near the lanes. I wasn't expecting it to be so big! I've never been to a vintage store quite like it, I say it's a store but it's more like a warehouse! They had some amazing stuff and I bought a denim shirt (I've been looking for one I liked for ages!). After this we decided to get chips on the pier and walk down the beach towards the beach huts. We walked to Hove by the time we had to walk back to get to our spa appointment on time!

For the spa day, we'd found a deal at The Grand in Brighton that offered 2x 25 minute treatments each (we both got a back and shoulder massage and a facial) as well as full us of the spa facilities. It worked out as £45 each with this offer, which I couldn't believe! Whenever I've looked into spa breaks they have always been so expensive but this one was an amazing price for what you got.

The massage was heaven and I nearly fell asleep during the facial because I was so relaxed! The girl who was carrying out my treatments, I think her name was Chloe, was lovely, really professional and so helpful when I wanted to buy some of the products she used for my facial. I could have honestly spent my remaining student loan on getting treatments here, it was so good I definitely recommend it! 

After the spa we were too relaxed to spend too long on trying to find somewhere good to eat so we just went to Jamie's Italian. I've only ever been once, to the one in Cambridge, but it was  a lot better this time! The food was lovely and the service was great! 

 This was our last night in Brighton so we decided to visit the local picture house and watch The Danish Girl. I'd wanted to see this film for a while, it's such a sad, yet beautiful, story. I might write a proper review soon because this post is already long enough!!!

On our way back to Cambridge we stopped off in London and visited Camden Market, I've not been in years and always love it there. I love looking around all this little stalls, although it does get a bit repetitive sometime, you'll always find a small one tucked in the back that has some vintage bits and bobs! I got a picture for my room and a few smaller post card sized pictures of some of Banksys artwork. We got food at the market (always the best bit!) and then headed back to Liverpool Street station where we were getting out train back to Cambridge. 

I had such a nice time in Brighton. I've not been having the best time recently so it was amazing to get away for a few days and not have to think about anything worrying! There isn't anything better than spending a few days away from home in a place you've never been before and not having to think about much other than where you are! As j said in my goals for 2016 post, I definitely want to travel more and it's definitely one I plan on seeing through all year! 

Sorry this was such a long post! It was hard to cut it down and still fit 4 days worth of stuff in!

Have a good weekend!

Lydia xx

Friday, 15 January 2016

My 2015 & Goals for 2016


So I've been pretty crap with posting content lately. Sorry about that! It's been a bit hectic recently, first there was Christmas, which included lots of travel, then there were deadlines, ah the joys! Two 3,000 word essays and a 1,000 word summary. Yep so maybe hectic doesn't describe it enough!

 So to get back into blogging again and starting the new year, I thought I would do a little round up of my year followed by my goals for 2016. Seeing as it's two weeks into 2016 this might be a bit late but it's better late than never isn't it!

It's something that is said every year towards the end, but this year went so quickly! Most likely due to the fact that there was something to constantly look forward to! It's been a brilliant year for me. I honestly wouldn't change anything at all, there have been bad but but the good bits out weigh them too much to dwell on them. I have an amazing group of friends and a happy, healthy family. Who could ever ask for more than that?

So, in an attempt to keep this post short and sweet, and not as long as a uni assignment, below is a list of the experiences I've had this year and those that will be happy memories forever.

1) My sister got married and I got to be Maid of Honour at her wedding

2) I found out I'm going to be an auntie (my niece is coming in about 3-4 weeks 😁)

3) I went to Crete with one of my best friends (you can read about my trip here)

4) It was my 21st Birthday 

5) I finally got tickets to go to Radio 1's Big Weekend

6) I got to be my 14 year old self again and saw Fall Out Boy at R1's Big Weekend

7) I've spent more time with family I don't get to see often

8) I saw The 1975 live as part of my 21st birthday present from my sister and brother in law (thanks again Charlie and Jake 😘)

10) I've moved in with 4 of my closest friends 

11) I've made some amazing new friends

12) I was lucky enough to complete a placement at The University of Cambridge

13) My mum came to stay with me for a week, where we traveled to London and areas in and around Cambridge (read about it here)

14) I've had countless laughs and happy times with my friends

2015 was an amazing year for me, I honestly can't wait to see what happens in the next 12 months. 

Goals for 2016;

I'm rubbish as making New Years resolutions so this year I just want to make goals, not necessarily ones that have to be completed in the next 12 months, but ones I at least want to make a start on this year. So below are my goals to start on in 2016:

1) Become healthier
I don't eat horribly now, but I need to be better in my choices on what to eat and I need to exercise more!

2) Travel
I don't care where. I just want to start to visit places I've never been before (next week I'm off to Brighton and I can't wait!)

3) See my family more
I need to set aside time from work and uni to visit my family, whether it be going back home or travelling to Denmark to visit my sister and her family

4) Take more photographs
I'm hoping to get a new camera soon and when I do I want to get into photography more and get the photographs I take printed and put into scrapbooks 

5) Relax more
I deal with anxiety on a daily basis so I want to set aside more time where I turn all technology off and just relax to try and get it under control a bit more

6) Be less afraid
Even though I don't voice it that often, I worry a lot and I second guess myself all the time. So I want to worry less and be less afraid to just see what happens! 

So there you have it! My 2015 round up and my goals for 2016. What's been you favourite memories of this past year? Do you have any goals for 2016?

Lydia xx

Monday, 21 December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (No Spoilers Included!)



As stated in the title of this post, there won't be any spoilers about the film included. Trust me, I hate it when people put spoilers on social media, why would you ruin it for other people? If you liked the film, say that, don''t ruin it for others!

Okay back to the post!

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Thursday night and I have to admit, I wasn't insanely excited about it. I love all of the Star Wars films and I love the fact that they have made a new one. The main reason that I wasn't really excited was the fact that I just didn't know what to expect.

But I'll tell you this, as soon as the opening credits and music started, in true Star Wars fashion, I felt like a child again, I was so excited. I haven't watched the old films in so long, I watched Return of The Jedi  on Wednesday night with Grace in preparation for the film. It was a big deal when I was young to watch them and my brother and I both loved them all!

When this film was announced in 2013, I think but I could be wrong, there was so much buzz around it. But after a while it settled down and to be honest, I forgot about it a little bit. 

So back to the movie. I'll won't include any spoilers as I've already said so any of the information I include isn't anything you won't see in the media's reviews. The movie carries on the story from Return of The Jedi, but is set a around 30 years later and although the story almost carries on from this film, if you haven't seen the other films or don't have a grasp on the basic back story and characters, then I'd still recommend watching at least The Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi (but if you do that then you may as well watch the others). This is so you know how some of the characters are linked to each other and where they belong in the story. 

The previous films have a serious element of family disfunction throughout and this film doesn't fail to contribute to that and, because of the fact that this story carries on from Return of The Jedi, you see the return of classic characters such as Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and even C-3PO makes an appearance. 

There are a few inside jokes made throughout the film (which most people will understand, mainly those who have seen the previous films) and there is also more of a comedic feel to the film that the others didn't contain. This is probably to do with the fact that Disney made the film that there was more of a family friendly element added to it. Not that the previous films didn't appeal to families, they definitely did for my family, but they had a darker element. It's still the classic story of a battle of light vs dark. For me personally, the lighter feel to the movie made certain elements and events slightly predictable, although I have to admit I was still shocked at some of the bits!

This film has a strong presence of females in it, which is a brilliant thing. There are plenty of movies where the lead is a woman but not many quite like this. 
-Ray, played by Daisy Ridley, is a strong female lead who has a no nonsense personality and can definitely hold her own in a 1-1 fight. Daisy plays her brilliantly and makes me want to watch everything she releases in the future! 
-Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, makes a return to the film. She's now a general, leading the resistance against the Dark Force, taking the form of The First Order in this film.
This film and its makers definitely get bonus points from me for this!
The new droid in this film, BB-8, is adorable! I may be talking rubbish but it came across to me that he had more of a personality than a couple of the characters! Although he speaks in sounds rather than words, the way the characters have a conversation with him is hilarious. I say HE but I mean IT because he is after all a droid (he's not an IT though he's a HE)!
The main character on 'The Dark Side' is Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver, and he's the typical Star Wars bad guy. He's cruel, spiteful, unstable and, unlike Vader, seems quite prone to the odd temper tantrum! Although he is one of the main 'bad guys' of the film, he didn't seem at all intimidating but maybe there was a point to that (go see the film to see what I mean!). 

Honestly, there wasn't anything that I could truly find in this film that faulted it. Yes it may not be as dark as the others, but it doesn't really need to be in the end, there are so many brilliant elements to this film that I would be tempted to go watch it again as soon as tomorrow! 

Seriously, this film is a must for any Star Wars fans and if you're not so sure about the whole Star Wars brand, still go see it. I can guarantee you will become a fan of the whole franchise and will end up spending your Christmas break having a Star Wars marathon! Yes, it may not be like the others but it is still great in its own way!

Let me know what you think of it through Twitter or in the comments!

Lydia xx

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Autumn Favourites


I love the monthly favourites series that a lot of blogger and Youtubers do, it's my favourite thing to watch. So as I was looking for a new little series to do on my own blog I thought that I should just do my own monthly favourites post! I'm not sure who will find it interesting s almost everyone does it but I thought it would be fun to write and I only write on this blog because I enjoy writing and the content I include. For my first post of favourites I thought I would include the products I have been loving over the past few months, specifically in the autumn months.

So without further ado... My autumn favourites!


Obviously an essential in anyone's book! I started to work for Topshop in August and since starting there I have become slightly more obsessed over clothing and shopping! Some of my favourite things to buy resently have been jeans and knitted jumpers.


I’ve always found it difficult to find a pair of jeans that I find comfy! That was until I tried the Jamie Jeans from Topshop, they are so comfortable, and I don’t know why I never realised it sooner! I would happily only ever buy these jeans from now on. Even though they are a skinny fit jean, they’re not really restricting or tight, they are high waist jeans too which is perfect for me!
Knitted Jumpers-

Knitwear is my favourite thing for this time of year. My collection of jumpers is overflowing that I have literally run out of space for it all! I’ve never been a fan of roll neck clothing before, but this year I have really fallen in love with it. From roll neck jumpers to dresses, any type is a plus for me, I’m not sure where my sudden love for them has come from but I love how warm they keep you.  


Skincare- Cleansing balm

When cleansing balms started to become popular with the blogging world, I didn't really understand the hype. Everyone I followed would constantly rave about the Emma Hardie cleansing balm and other similar brands, I just thought they were so expensive and I just wasn't willing to spend that much on a product I didn't know I was going to like or use. 
That was until I was watching Meg Says October Favourites where she mentioned Trilogy's Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm, she gave a brilliant review of it and it came in at half the price of most of the balms I'd seen. So I decided to give it a go, and I can honestly say that it is the best decision I have ever made! I used to just remove my makeup with a makeup wipe and they used to leave my skin dry and irritated, but since using this product my skin is so smooth and my break outs have calmed down a lot. I honestly don't think I'll use anything else other than this to remove my makeup. You can get it for only £19.50 from  (who also do 10% student discount with your Unidays account). I cant recommend this product enough, it lasts so long too, you only get 80mls in a pot but I've been using mine almost every day for over a month now and I have only just got to the half way point in the pot. 


Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor  - 
I have blonde in the ends of my hair so it easily gets dry and damaged. I'm not someone who spends hours on drying/styling their hair, truthfully, most of the time I was my hair at night and then just go to bed with it wet! My hair was really damaged at one point because I stopped using my Argan Oil on it as it was getting too oily. I was in Boots one day and noticed the Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor. I love all of the Aussie products and decided to give this a go. That was about 3 months ago and I have never tried another product. I dont need to, this is so amazing I am so glad that I found it! If you have colour treated hair or use heat on it alot, I would say that this is definitely the product for you. You just need about 3 pumps on the palm of your hand, and then to spread it through the mid part-ends of towel dried hair. 


It's no surprise, I'm sure, when I say I love films. I much prefer films over TV shows and over the past few months I have seen some new films that I thought were really good. I've already wrote a review about Legend, which you can find here, and I saw Suffragette at the start of November although I haven't got round to writing a review of it. I plan on watching it again to then write a review of it so keep an eye out for that. 

The films shown above are the ones I've particularly liked over the past couple of months. Let me know of any films you've loved! 


I haven't read as many books as I would have liked to over the past couple of months but the ones I have read I have really loved. My favourites have been dark novels like Gillian Flynn's books and crime novels written by Tony Parsons. 

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn has to be a favourite of mine. It won't be a book for everyone because it is dark and does have some subjects that people might find disturbing so I would definitely read reviews before reading! I haven't started to read her book Dark Places yet but it is definitely one I plan on reading on the journey home for Christmas!

(Starting Top Left: Don Broco, Ben Howard, One Direction, Justin Beiber, The 1975, Bear's Den, Years & Years, Slaves & James Bay)

I love music. Any type of music, with the exception of a few. I'll listen to it through the most parts of my day whether it be listening to One Direction while walking to uni or Don Broco when I'm studying for uni or doing work. Every night, without fail, I'll listen to Ben Howard as I go to sleep on a low volume. I've done this for so long that now I find it hard to sleep if I don't have the album playing. 

I recently saw The 1975 play a gig at Cambridge Corn Exchange. My sister and brother-in-law bought me tickets for my 21st birthday present and I have to say that it was by far the best present I have ever received! I'm desperate to buy tickets to see them on their next tour! I also have tickets to see James Bay in London with my cousin in March which I am way to excited about!


I've been watching Youtube videos for a while now. I discovered Youtubers like Anna Saccone-Joly and Zoella about 3 years ago. Since then I have discovered more Youtubers and over the past couple of months there are a few that I have loved watching. The love content from these girls, it's a mixture of daily vlogs and beauty/fashion videos. Youtube is the first place I go to if I want to learn a new make-up technique or I want to see a product review. The girls listed above have such good channels, I'd definitely recommend each of them! You've all probably heard of these girls and have been following their channels for a while but if you haven't then head over to their channels! I'd love to have the confidence to do my own Youtube videos like these girls do!

There are my autumn favourites then! Sorry this post was so long but I do love a chatty blog post! Keep a look out for my next favourites post!

Have a good week! 

Lydia xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A week with mum

Hello you lovely lot!

So a couple of weeks ago my mum came to visit me for the week. At the start of this year we had planned to go abroad for a week but neither of our budgets could cut it. So instead we decided that mum would come stay with me in Cambridge for a week and we could have day trips to London and just have a relaxing week. So here's how our week went:


Mum decided to take the bus down to Cambridge, which takes about 9hrs on the national express (a journey I hate!) so she arrived at about 7:30pm. She had been on nights the night before so, as you can imagine, was pretty tired. So this night we decided to just get take away and just watch some scary films. We decided to get a Deliveroo delivery, mum got Thai food and I got food from Smokeworks, which is a restaurant in the centre. I'd never had food from Smokeworks and I can honestly say it is one of the best meals I've ever had! A bit pricey for my student budget but I'd be happy to get food from there again!


On Saturday we went into London, we were going to go to Oxford Street first for a bit of shopping (mine and mum's favourite hobby). We went to Topshop, were I got some sunglasses and a top from Brandy Melville. After a bit of shopping we made our way over to Waterloo where we were going to meet mum's school friend and her daughters for some lunch. We used the underground a lot on this day and I used to be really intimidated by it but after a few trips, I started to get my bearings and I actually love the underground! It's sad I know!

So anyway we had some lunch and talked for a few hours which was lovely! By the time we finished at lunch it was 4pm, mum and we originally planned on going to Knightsbridge to have a walk around the area and Harrods. Instead though we went back to Oxford Circus, we went into the big H&M that is on the corner. I was so excited because I had been told that this H&M was really good, but when we got there I already wasn't feeling too great. It was so busy in the store, normally I'm okay with big crowds, but being in there when I wasn't feeling good, then having it be so busy and hot was horrendous!

We left H&M and walked towards Liberty London and Carnaby Street. We had a look around Liberty and then went to Ben's Cookies, my sweet tooth couldn't resist a cookie! It was unbelievable, the best ever! After i fed my sugar addiction we walked down Carnaby street and had a look at Kingly Court, I'd never been to Kingly Court before but I had heard good things and I would love to try the yoga place that is on the 3rd floor, I think. 

After a little walk around the area, we decided to head on back to Cambridge. We got to Kings Cross and got some food from Leon before our train and then headed home to watch films and have a chilled night in.

Sunday - 

This week was planned as a break for both of us so we wanted to have at least one day of just pigging out in front of the TV. So we went to Aldi to get some supplies as we wanted to cook a roast dinner for my friends that night. We spent the day cooking, watching tv and just having a relaxing day. 
We had our dinner and then watched Monsters Inc., I don't think mum realised what me and my friends were like when we're together. She couldn't believe that our movie of choice was an animated kids film haha!

Monday -

Monday was one of our more planned days. We went around Cambridge and did a bit of shopping, we left in the morning and didn't get back until the late afternoon. Mum and I are lethal when we go shopping! I got a couple of pieces of clothing to wear for work and some make up, and mum got some of her Christmas shopping done. 

 We had a table booked at a restaurant that had  just opened in the center of Cambridge called Reys. It was a good meal, not the best I've ever had but it was nice to go out for food with mum before we went to go see a movie. 

After the meal we met my roommate, Jez, and the three of us went to The Light cinema to go and see Suffragette. I'm planning on writing a full post on the film, like I did with Legend, so look out for that. but for now I will say that it is definitely a movie to go see! I wasn't sure I would enjoy it at first, it's not really my kind of film. I much prefer horror, thriller or action films, but I soon changed my mind because this film was brilliant! I even cried at parts, anyone who knows me will know that the movie must have been good for me to cry!

Tuesday -

We didn't really have much planned for this day. It wasn't till the Tuesday morning that we decided to take the train to Ely and have a look round there. I hadn't been to Ely yet but I'd been told to go as it's a nice little town. There wasn't much there except for the cathedral, I wasn't expecting for the cathedral to look the way it did. The cathedral itself and the grounds surrounding it was beautiful. I'm so glad we went, I also fell in love with a small book shop that is on one of the main roads.

  Wednesday -

We went back to London on the Wednesday morning and decided to have a look in Selfridges and Primark at the end of Oxford Street. When we were in Selfridges mum disppeared off to the toilets and when I found her again she had bought me a mug from Anthropology's section on the ground floor. I love Anthropology, I wish I could buy everything in their home department! We also indulged in a Lola's Cupcake, *insert heart eye emoji*, I got a red velvet cupcake milkshake. I don't even want to think about how bad it was for me, I don't care because it was so delicious!

After Selfridges we went to Primark a little further down the road. I was so disappointed in this store! I almost always find loads of stuff in the larger Primark stores, yet I couldn't find anything that I was interested in. For such a big store they didn't have much in there!

We had plans on visiting my cousins who live in Barnes, so we made our way there after our failed trip to Primark. We had to get to Hyde Park Corner from Oxford Street, so instead of hopping on the bus we decided to walk through Hyde Park as the weather was still quite nice. 

Once we got to Hammersmith on the tube we walked to my cousin's house in Barnes. Mum had never been before so we went for some lunch around the corner and then for a walk around. I love where my cousins live, you don't even feel like you're in London and where they live along the river is so pretty! I love it every time I go to visit them!

After spending most of the afternoon/evening there we headed back on the tube, we stared to feel hungry on the way back and didn't feel quite ready to get the train back to Cambridge so we hopped off the tube at Leicester Square and went for food at The Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant.  With Forrest Gump being one of my favourite films, I was in my element! I love it there and the food is always amazing, it's thee ultimate comfort food!

After we had filled ourselves with food, we headed back home and watched Unbroken with my housemates. If you haven't seen Unbroken yet, you need to! It's such an amazing film, I loved it!

Thursday - 

Can you guess what we did on mums last day in Cambridge? Got it yet? That's right, we shopped. It was Bonfire Night on Thursday so we planned to go out for the day and get some bits so that I could make lasange for mum, my housemates and some of my friends to have after we went to Midsummer Common to see the fireworks display and the bonfire. 

We went to see the display and then all headed back for food, I think there was about 11 of us in the end. I made lasange from scratch and we all devoured that before tucking into a box of Roses! 
Mum was pretty tired in the night and had to get on the bus again in the morning so she went to bed early while I stayed up for a bit and watched tv with my friends. 


So there you have it, a week with my mum visiting. It may not have been the most interesting post in the world to some people but I enjoyed the week and I wanted to document it :)

Let me know what kind of other posts you might like to see, I have an Autumn Favourites post coming soon so keep an eye out for that or follow me on Bloglovin or on my social media platforms to receive updates!
Lydia x